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Cooking adventure with my little cubs : Rainbow Fruitsicles

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Re blogged from a Super Mom friend of mine. Don’t these look delicious? Enjoy!


I saw these on Pinterest and thought “I can do that!” so I did. It doesn’t happen often that I even try something off Pinterest let alone “Nail it”. I did not even use a recipe I just made it up. The picture explains it all. But here is what I did to let the children be involved.

Gibsons 3 -august 17th 626

I pre-cut all the fruit and washed all the berries and organized everything before even telling the children we were doing something. I wanted to avoid having those little hands trying to grab everything as I prepared it all. So, I let them play and surprised them with a fun hands on cooking experiment!

I love using words like “adventure” and “experiment”. It gets those cute little imaginations going and allows me to have more control of them as they hang on my every word.

Gibsons 3 -august 17th 628

For the juice I got each one…

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